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Official Selection in International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011, "Return of the Tiger" Section
Director: David Verbeek
Producers: Revolver Media (NL), Les Petites Lumieres (FR)
Format: HD
DOP: Shu Chou

A group of professional 'host boys' work in a local club, where Chinese women come for company, attention and sometimes with the hope of finding love. The host boys are there to entertain, to give attention and to make sure that their customers return and spend more and more money. This is all about the illusion of a possible relationship, the illusion of friendship. With emotional addiction as a result. On their part most of the time, the host boys lose total control of their private life, as a result of all the lies and fake promises. They don't trust life, they don't believe in love anymore and cannot keep fake and truth from each other.
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