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Director: Yang Chao 2012 / 35mm / 110 mins
A Beijing Trend Cultural Investment and Les Petites Lumières Film Cinematographer: Lee Ping Bing

A young captain of a cargo ship sailing up the Yangtze River disembarks at every port on his journey in search of love. However, he gradually realizes that the woman he meets at the different ports along the river appears to be the same person, except that she appears to get younger and younger as the ship sails upstream.
The once familiar Yangtze River has become a river of time. On this intriguing journey the young ship's captain witnesses the life of a wandering woman backwards over the space of twenty years, as well as the secrets of his own past. What is the connection between him and the woman? And what is waiting for him at the source of the Yangtze river? Is it punishment ? Or is it redemption?
The film tells the tragic story of a modern young man.
On the surface the film is about sex and desire but in reality it is a tale of love and redemption.
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