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Director: David Verbeek
Delivery: 2012 / 35mm / 110 mins
An IDTV, Les Petites Lumières coproduction

Full Contact is a contemporary tale of a man trying to find new purpose in his life after accidentally bombing a school through a remotely operated drone plane above Pakistan. Ivan, operating the plane from Creed air force base in the Nevada desert near Las Vagas, has never been to Pakistan, nor has he ever touched the plane he uses to kill. Modern warfare keeps him safe and disconnected from his prey. But after this latest accidental bombing, Ivan's disconnectedness starts to apply to everything in his life.
The film is a journey through Ivan's subconscious, a tense thriller that alters between fact and fiction as if they are two sides of the same coin. Ivan tries to come to terms with murder and goes looking for it in the most physical way possible. He starts looking for ways to make physical contact with his prey. As he seems unable to take any sense of reality for granted any longer, his search for "real" violence becomes essential to him.
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