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Peau Vive 
2007, a short film by Magali Magistry (France)

Un film écrit et réalisé par Magali Magistry
Durée du film : 10'30
Format Image : 1 :85
Format audio : DTS Stéréo
Langue : Français
Tous publics

Image Léo Hinstin
Steadycam Stéphane Chollet
Son Sébastien Pierre
Musique originale Teddy Degouys et Emmanuelle Piettre
Montage Hector Ulloque
Scripte Lydia Bigard
Dresseur Patrick Pittavino
Décor Gregor Langen
Accessoiriste Florent Maillot
Maquillage Karine Marsac
Maquillage effets spéciaux Benoît Lestang
Costumière Guya Marini

Supports disponibles :
DVDs Pal - Zone 2
Copie 35mm

Melody Z is an intimate short film portrait of the nightlife generation in Shanghai, 2006.
Li Wei, a young sexy night flower working in a trance music club, lives together with her DJ boyfriend. The two live a nightly existence of dreamy trance music and colourful neon light.
He is caring yet highly jealous. She seems to be drifting through her nights going from party to party. When one morning she sees her first love on the street, the latter does not seem to recognize her, which upsets and confuses her. She seems unable to share her thoughts and isolates herself. The huge metropolis around them seems to project her thoughts all around her. Within her generation, Shanghai has been the fastest changing place in the world. But how fast can she change?

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