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Best New Director, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2010,Official Selection Pusan Film Festival 2010, Office Selection Toronto International Film Festival 2010, followed by Vancouver International Film Festival and Rotterdam International Film Festival.
Taiwan Commercial Release: May 2010
Director: Widing Ho
Producers: Changhe Films, Les petites lumières, Adapon Investments, NHK(Japan)
DOP:Jake Pollock

The story of Manuel and Dado, two Filipino migrant workers,who discover a discarded sofa. This transforms their normal Sunday routine.into a tale of adventure, perseverance and self-discovery.

"Charming, effective and with a breezy air of joie de vivre, PINOY SUNDAY is a delight from start to finish. Like its characters, it is a film of simple tastes and manageable ambitions, and Ho, together with co-writer Ajay Balakrishnan, does a grand job of telling a very particular story in a way that speaks to us all, regardless of our nationality or background. We all have our commitments and burdens, our temptations and struggles, our friendships, passions and dreams. In short we all have our sofas to carry, but what is important is that we know when to lift, when to push and when to just sit down for a moment and catch" - Twitch Film Review ourbreath. PINOY SUNDAY articulates this beautifully.
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