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Delivery 2011
Director:  Ifa Isfansyah (Indonesia)
2011 / F35 / 120 mins
A Salto Film productions
In coproduction with Indika Films, Les Petites Lumières
Indonesian filmmaker Ifa Isfansyah tells his stories in strong and bold visuals. Combined with one of Indonesia’s most powerful novels, the result is set to be a dramatic tale of love amidst political turmoil and destitution. The love between the main protagonists is under threat from a clash of tradition and modernism that plays itself out in the small rural village of Paruk, where prostitution by a ronggeng dancer is culturally accepted and even treasured, but despised by her young lover. Isfansyah will push the limits of these powerful themes, and explore with his unique sensitivity the complexity of the characters, place, and Indonesia’s tumultuous times.
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