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Natacha Devillers, producer
Les Petites Lumières was created in 2004.
Natacha Devillers worked at the French Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC) in 1992/93, followed by film sales in Turkey and then in Paris for the Turner Group. Created with Shanty Harmayn the first Jakarta International Film Festival in Indonesia in 1999, which she then co-directed for three years. Still with Harmayn, created in-Docs, a documentary film training program geared to Indonesian filmmakers, as well as Tanimbar Pictures, the first film distribution company for independent films in Indonesia . Headed up Les Petites Lumières on her return to Paris in 2003. Shares her time between Chinese film projects since 2006 and European ones.
Michel Fessler, srcriptwriter
Michel Fessler is also a partner in the company. He is a French scriptwriter, co-scriptwriter of ‘The Emperor’s Journey’ (‘The Penguin’s March’) – Oscar for Best Documentary Film in 2006, ‘Ridicule’ by Patrice Leconte, ‘Man to Man’ by Régis Wargnier, ‘L’odyssée de l’espèce and over thirty films. He was nominated in 2006 to the Scriptwriter’s Guild of America.
Lulu Lai, producer
Lulu Lai has been a production manager since 2008, she studied film art & theory at East China Normal University for her Master of Arts degree.
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