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Best Film Dubai Short Film Festival
In competition Pusan Film Festival 2008. Best Short Film, Dubai Film Festival 2008, Regensburg, Cinemas Tout Court, etc.
Director: Haolun Shu
Producers: Les Petites Lumières
Shot on Super 16, transferred to HD, color
20 minutes. China/France
Shot in Shanghai
Delivery: Spring 2008

Xiaoli lives in a crowded public housing complex in the late 1980's Shanghai. His best friend is his next door neighbor, a girl named Lanmi. Lanmi is a couple years older than him, married to an often absent sailor, Gao. As Xiaoli helps his grandfather in his barbershop, he gets a little too close to Lanmi and feels his teenage hormones awakening at the sight of his attractive neighbor. But as he gets closer to Lanmi, he gets more than what he bargained for…

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